Full Stack Sneak Peak building my own CMS with Python + Django.

Since joining Hashnode, it's really become my family, a place I ask questions and help others who are new to programming whether its frontend or backend. A community that helps us all and we all keep growing.

If you have been following me from the start you'll know that I jumped from Logistics, being a fulltime mother and being a junior full stack developer. Yep, it's quite a jump! I had been developing with WordPress on frontend, but in such a way using its plugins almost like lego bricks to create any kind of system. One being a lead generation system..

But I thought.. Why not stop there... How cool would it be if I could create my own? And that's where I started learning about the MEAN stack. However as they say, if you learn HTML first, you will struggle to learn JavaScript because you have learnt the syntax and patterns differently.

A friend suggested looking at Python and because I had been learning JavaScript, Python almost came natural to me learning it so fast. It's very true if you learn a language that you will pick up others faster depending on the structure..

So since February and the last few weeks I have learning Python and using Django's Framework. I'm now at a point that I have built a fully almost functional CMS and looking to keep on building it, features etc

There are days where there's slow progress and there are other days like yesterday... Success connecting the frontend to the backend! Awesome.!!

Being a full stack developer gives you windows of opportunity open to any technology and gives you the freedom of being to pick and choose and to recommend what's best. Despite i'm classed as a junior, I don't have the commercial experience in working for a company but I do have the knowledge of a mid developer and slowly progressing towards Dev Op's..

My CMS is built with the Django framework but this still leaves me the opportunities to incorporate Angular JS/TypeScript and React).

A question I have been asked many times, do you prefer frontend or backend? The answer is both. You have it easier in the frontend because you have designed but the backend gives you non stop challenges that keeps you learning, improves logic if anything for at least for me, it's almost if you have to think backwards for the backend.


That's all for the meantime, getting a decent laptop tomorrow so should be finally be able to code a lot more faster!!

There is a repository for this on Github but currently its private while i'm working on it, but i'm hoping to move it into production soon enough ;)

Sneak peak, taken last night.. Still got alot to work on!

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Nice work mam. Would like to get some help as I am building admin dashboard for a product using Django.

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Junior Full Stack Developer, Mother and Life Writer. ⌛️💾☯️📔🐴

Sure thing, what you need help with?

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Wow, just curious, did you have any experience in programming in the past, did you just started out of the blue.

And of course keep up the good work, I hope I will be able to develop my skills in programming as fast as possible.

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Not a programmer yet!

Thanks will check it out.