First Experience at AWS Summit London 2019

As you know I've had an interest in moving to the cloud for a while, whilst also developing my application. I registered to go to the AWS Summit London 2019 to see if I could learn a bit more about the differences of AWS services.

If you've never been to an event like this, its quite interesting and you can certainly grab quite a bit of knowledge and networking from these events.

I will give it to Amazon, they done amazing at renting out the Excel building in London and delivering the whole event. They even provide free food (fruit), lots of tea and coffee, and even premade meals for lunch!


I turned up at 2pm so luckily for me I missed the registration early but that hall was massive and as previous attendee for comic con, I'm glad I missed the early registration as I can only imagine the ques would of been mad!

One tip, I can give you is that if you're travelling into London and need to get off at the (Excel stop) for Excel, don't! - Take the next one (Prince Regents), and its straight up the stairs into excel where as the other stop (Excel), makes you walk a mile around into the west entrance (as i discovered years ago!)

So the main areas were split as follows:

  • AWS Village: (This is where you do the networking, and you get to meet a lot of vendors in person, which also showcases AWS startups, AWS Architecture).
  • AWS Auditorium: (Information about using AWS and services)
  • AWS Theatre's: (There were 7 smaller theatres, which gave additional seminars on small bits, majority of them more to do with security, applications and how AI works with AWS services). - Might I add AI was very hot amongst this event.

They also produce a aws event application available on Android and IOS which details the seminars, the start times during the day, including a map (still managed to get lost lol!)...

aws.jpg (Auditorium)

Nice thing about the seminars is that if you have missed them or were unable to attend the event you will be able to find these shortly uploaded on either YouTube or AWS as they were all recorded.

What I learned from doing this event?

In all, I think it gave me more of an idea to reshape my application i'm developing and where I need to go with SaaS applications (very competitive might I add). I did grab a bit of knowledge on security and migrating workflows for AWS services and certainly hope next year I'll do the full day!


Networking: didn't expect to connect with anyone, but I did meet a nice chap who I've invited to hashnode to help him learn python. A senior developer who travelled from reading (Town in England, known as big IT companies, including Oracle, Microsoft, IBM) and down the road from where I used to live in Slough/Windsor).

What was interesting, he attended the AWS event on behalf of the company he worked for but even he admitted that technology is moving so fast that even he can;t keep up with it and its ridiculous how fast the markets moving. Shame I had to leave in this seminar but hopefully he will find me on here :)

Did it meet my expectations?

Yes and no - I asked startups about the differences between their services and what they would recommend but I got the recommendation for getitng in touch with Amazons Technical Support (which might I add you need to pay for this service)! It would of been simpler if I had just been given a leaflet defining the differences.

What would of been great if AWS had produced a leaflet defining the differences between their services - compared to that massive menu on their main page, i think this would help developers like me and other businesses.

Hashnode - Think it an awesome idea if we could get Hashnode stickers so I can slap on my backpack so if anyones interested or meeting up, will be much easier to spot if you're from Hashnode.

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