Building Hubtree with Django Full Stack Framework.

If you're a new developer following me, the quick run down is that I'm a self taught full stack developer. I started learning almost 15 years ago and ended up working in Logistics, settled down and been a full-time mother since then and while I've had the opportunity retrained web developer the last three years, then last year going into the full stack completely.

Back in February (this year). I started creating an application called Hubtree with the Full Stack Django Framework. Since then I've decided to build my own business but build specifically a cloud business which deploys automatic SaaS applications for my customers. I'm do this because my situation limits me due to my childcare position, not able to find a company who is supportive of my traits and talents, but logistically the childcare workaround and the costs that come with it, as any parent knows it can be a nightmare.

I'm sure most developers, think at some point, how cool would it be to build a business or an application but you know 'get it out there?'. do I even have the confidence to do so and the skills?

Even as a full stack developer, I know for fact I don't have all the skills but it is true, if you know how to learn patterns, those patterns like MVC or MVT opens the doorways to other technology. Same with learning languages such as French and Spanish, languages are very similar but its working out the language framework or syntax or grammar to fully understand it.

How does Django fit all into this, well first of all Learning Python is very simple but Python is very robust and flexible and the Django Framework runs purely on Python and integrates very well with other technologies such as HTML, JavaScript (rumoured Vue JS and React JS).

The main thing that stands out using Django into a business is that its incredibly flexible and supports microarchitecture, you can also separate your frontends from back-ends, (might is built in, easier to manage and deploy) but I am possibly thinking of doing a separate frontend for security and data integrity purposes. Django is one of the best frameworks to use especially if you're scaling your applications, but the only downfall is the the dev-ops build process can be quite complicated as I would imagine its a lot faster to do with JavaScript or Node & NPM.

It's funny as over the years I've written dozens of business plans, hoping to launch some kind of failed start-up business but I can honestly say there's a difference from then and then.

I've found, when you are designing any kind of product or service, it's what you put into it which then reflects the business plan, and might I add it's so much easier to write one.

So for example, one of the major parts of the business is (Data Integrity, Security and Cloud services). How can I assure my customers data is safe? By ensuring if you are writing API's, including data is written with standards and en-forcing simple thing such as database fields, forms ensuring that they are setup in certain way to prevent API leaks and data being stolen, or even the platform and application being hi-jacked.

If you are looking at ways to secure your application or website or platform, a good learning point is to search for these on YouTube (SQL Injection), the reason why I say this is because you will understand how exactly it can be done and then you will want to ensure that the code you're writing is secure and not injectable at any point.

I must admit, it's very easy how they do it and it sent shivers down my spin when I watched it.. its that simple..

So going back to the business plan and building your business, so taking the example about the databases, in your plan you would be able to exactly work out the services you might need for your application or platform, and believe it or not you'll find writing your plan much easier if you're building your application or platform by yourself.

My sister runs a small dream-catcher business on Etsy and hand-makes all of her products, and when I looked through her documents, the reason why she knows her business so well and is able to project the confidence is she knows exactly how much string to use, which gems to use because she's done it herself many times and is easily able to relate this to her products and business plan.

It's interesting as a developer, when you look back and see how far you've come and what you've learnt, even the mistakes you've learnt from, it can always be an achievement no matter where you are going in life. inspiration.png

Where I am now is that I've managed to finally get the build process done for my main Platform Application on Heroku, and as you can see my application has stalled just after build due to having issues with PostgresSQL, but anything is possible.

I've almost hit 300 followers now, I'm thinking of other ways to improve my ways and wondering what else I could cover under the full stack. If you have any ideas that I could cover and you feel that these would help you, let me know and I'll cover some of these in the future.

I may be opening my own Youtube Chanel at some point but I just can't say as for when that will happen. That's all in the mean time, feel free to message me if you need any help at all :)

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